Stanley Cup Game 7: Transit, crowds, police and liquor store closings


Here are some more key update for Canucks fans on fan zone crowds, police, downtown traffic, liquor store closings and how to get home safe to Kits.

The Vancouver Sun reports here that 19 downtown liquor stores are closing early for Game 7.

TransLink has posted new info on “Service During Stanley Cup Final Game 7“.

CBC reports that an estimated 100,000 fans watched the Canucks beat the Bruins in Game 5 in the CBC fan zone. Only 35,000 Canucks fans came to the fan zone to watched the Canucks lose to the Bruins in Game 6.

They predict that Game 7 will bring a record number of fans to the CBC fan zone. Duh, but it will be interesting to see how many.

The police say they’ll be out early to meet the crowds as they arrive and will be checking people for liquor at SkyTrain stations, the Georgia Street fan zone and in the Granville entertainment district throughout the evening.

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual in Kits. If you’re crossing the bridge, get home safe everyone! Go Canucks! I can already hear honking.

Last modified: June 15, 2011

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