Stanley Cup Game 7: Where to watch and when to get there


If you haven’t picked where you’re watching Game 7 tonight, Andrea did a great round up of bars in Kits here. I’ve watched the last two games at Abigail’s Party because I love the new patio season menu. When I went for Game 5, Abigail’s Party was thumping: team spirit, yelling, the works. But when I went to watch Game 6, Abigail’s Party was deserted.  There were no fans there to commiserate with. I stayed anyway. And although everyone in my group agreed that the sablefish croquettes were awesome, we were hoping for more noise.

So for Game 7, I’ve decided to relocate.

I like a mildly rambunctious Canucks fan experience; I don’t like fighting for a stool. I hold out no hope of getting real estate at Local. So I called Migz BBQ on Broadway. They advised me to come at 4:00 PM. They aren’t doing reservations.

Then I called Coppertank Grill, #2 on Andrea’s list of top spots to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Again, no reservations. A really friendly staffer said “People start lining up at 3:00 PM.”

I’m not sure where I’ll end up watching Game 7. But I know I’ll be staking a claim to a seat starting at 3:00 PM.

Last modified: June 15, 2011

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