Specialty sandwich trend arrives in Kits


by Taraneh Ghajar Jerven

Rejoice sandwich connoisseurs. The specialty sandwich foodie trend that’s been going strong since late 2010 has arrived in Kits with the opening of Harvest Deli. The craze began with Gastown’s Meat & Bread, still the most popular of the upscale sarnie-only shops, that offers fillings like veal, porchetta and even maple bacon ice cream, stuffed between artisan bun bookends. Then came food carts like Re-Up BBQ downtown, which does one filling—pulled pork—perfectly.

Harvest Deli, now open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm at 2963 West Broadway, is the latest sandwich expert, with over 80 tempting sandwich options on the menu. The cafe is all chic wood and white, with communal tables as well as more private seating options. It’s obvious that owner and chef Rami Zibat has passion for sourcing the finest ingredients. His deli case is full of gourmand goodies from premium Montreal corned beef to cheeses like Cambozola and Arla Fontina. He blog-boasts on the cafe website about an amazing whole wheat sourdough bread he’s just found.

Zibat plans to offer more breakfast and dinner options soon—ensuring that while the sandwich fad might come and go, Harvest is here to stay. Harvest also has a kids menu that’s sure to appeal, and sells cheese, meat and olives by weight.

Harvest Deli, 2963 West Broadway, 604-739-3354, harvestdeli.ca

Last modified: May 30, 2011

6 Responses to " Specialty sandwich trend arrives in Kits "

  1. Mojo says:

    Anyone know whether they are licensed for beer and wine?

  2. Anthony says:

    I walked into this shop yesterday for the first time and was extremely impressed with their wide variety of sandwiches. I just picked the first one that met my fancy and was pleasantly surprised when the kind man behind the counter showed me the real free range chicken breast that he then proceeded to grill and layer with sharp cheddar and other fresh ingredients. He also offered me a free taste of the large pickles. We were also happy when he offered to bring the food to our table and pay after we ate to be sure we were satisfied. And we WERE SATISFIED! The bread was crunchy and fresh…i could go on for a while, but I must stop and do some work now. I look forward to returning soon to try another classic Italian sandwich…A.

  3. Graham King says:

    I had my lunch there yesterday, it’s where ‘Spice Indian Eater’ was.

    Mushroom and peppers in a bun: Guess how much it cost. Go on, guess. … ELEVEN DOLLARS! That would be a fair price in a bar, with a side of fries, but it’s far too much for a take-out sandwich.

    For sure it was a decent sandwich, cooked fresh whilst I waited and all that, but imagine the sushi I could of had for that money.

    In my experience, lunch in Kitsilano is $7 dollars, and their menu does look like it has some better value options, so I’ll try it again.

    I’m hoping it will evolve into a good honest sandwich shop, maybe even something like London’s ‘Pret a Manger’ chain.

  4. maggie says:

    best lentil soup in town. i’ll be back!

  5. Jonathan says:

    I love this place. Went with my wife for a relaxed dinner and had the best lamb shank I have ever had for only $14! This meal would cost $30 at any restaurant in the city. The quality of the food was excellent. I have already been back twice this week for a sandwich. Great addition to the neighbourhood!