Top Spots to Watch the Canucks’ Playoff Drive


As we prep for Game 1 of Round 3 this Sunday of the NHL Playoffs, pubs are becoming the popular hotspots to claim your table and gather friends and fans alike to cheer the home team on. So, as I do every year, here are my top recommendations of the BEST spots to catch the game in Kits.

#5 – The Local – 2210 Cornwall Avenue

Although this spots gets lots of comments and votes for best pub in Kits, I ranked it in the #5 spot because I can’t justify having to give up my entire afternoon to wait in line for a table! The summer the days get this problem will only get worse!

#4 – The Wolf and Hound – 3617 West Broadway

Sometime a forgetten gem being a bit west on Broadway, this longstanding local spot has a great beer selection and really decent food. If you can score one of their prime couch spots is a great place to gather with friends in a comfy living room style atmosphere.

#3 – Manchester Public Eatery – 1941 West Broadway

This SPACIOUS pub in the old Frog and Firken location on Broadway and Cypress is a great option for catching a game. Partly because it is a big unknown so you won’t have the line-up’s to contend with but they have one of the best TV to seat ratio’s of any competing joint.

#2 – Coppertank Grill – 3135 West Broadway

Coppertank draws the #2 ranking as it is one of the funnest spots to set up your cheering station. They do a puck draw at the beginning of the game, and if your player scores…your table drinks. Pick the right puck and you can be in for a very out of hand night. Cab or walking is advised.

#1 – Regal Beagle – 2283 West Broadway

Local, great owners, a stellar menu and all over best atmosphere and crowds I can find in Kits. Once the game is over they always play the best tunes to help celebrate a big win

Regardless where your favorite Nucks watching spot is, one thing I think all the pub’s can agree on is the deep playoff drive had been a nice boost in sales for the spring months!

Last modified: May 13, 2011

3 Responses to " Top Spots to Watch the Canucks’ Playoff Drive "

  1. Roman says:

    And when you find that all the above pubs are packed, try the Billy Bishop Legion on Laburnum Street just below Cornwall. Lowest beer prices in Kits and you’ll always find a free seat and friendly atmosphere. Just don’t forget to take your hat off. If you make it to the bar with your hat on, the regulars will make you buy a round for EVERYONE.