NDP veteran Mel Lehan confirms that he wants to take on Christy Clark


Mel Lehan

Kitsilano’s Mel Lehan has confirmed that he would like to represent the NDP in the upcoming Vancouver-Point Grey by-election. Community activist Lehan is the only New Democrat who’s stepped forward for the party’s nomination in the riding that was just vacated by Gordon Campbell.

According to a CKNW report today, Lehan expects to run against Premier Christy Clark in a by-election, but says he’ll be ready if they face off in a general election, “I want us to take a direction that always remembers that people, the environment and the economy are all equally important and we have to work together to build those.”

The NDP has appeared desperate in their search for a fresh face in Vancouver-Point Grey but it no one else throws their hat in the ring Lehan will likely get party approval to be the NDP candidate for the riding.

Last modified: March 17, 2011

3 Responses to " NDP veteran Mel Lehan confirms that he wants to take on Christy Clark "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    Mel is a crafty character who has a real chance against a parachute candidate who’s shelf life as Govt leader is guaranteed to be short.

    Anyone remember Rita Johnson?

    Johnson spent most of her career running a trailer park-which somehow qualified her to lead the province-as much as Clark yakking on the radio anyway.

  2. Ian says:

    “The NDP has appeared desperate”? Campbell only stepped down a couple days ago, and no official by-election has been declared for the riding. No Liberal candidate has been declared (perhaps Ms. Clark is still hoping Colin Hansen will fall on the HST sword), so I don’t see why there’s any need for partisan attacks here. I’m a member of the BCNDP (I joined to select the next premier of BC) and live in the riding, and no candidate race has been announced, or even nomination period, so speculation here is needlessly negative. What BC Conservative candidate has been nominated? What BC Green or BC First candidate has been nominated?

  3. Kitsilano.ca calls the NDP desperate and mainstream media describes them as “scrambling” – sounds the same to me: