Dine Out Vancouver 2011 – Kitsilano Edition


Dine Out Vancouver 2011 is in full swing and you have until February 6th to try out some great restaurants in Kitsilano.

Presented by Tourism Vancouver, Dine Out Vancouver is a city-wide celebration of food and British Columbia wine and is the largest restaurant promotion of its kind in Canada. Virtually every type of restaurant in the city gets involved, giving you the chance to taste Vancouver’s hot restaurant digs, new hit eateries and neighbourhood favourites all for a reasonable prix-fixe price ($18, $28, 02 $38)

We’ve scanned the list of participating restaurants in Kitsilano and have some notes for those that are looking to make reservations.

  • Abigail’s Party – Weekends Sold Out, Accepting Weekday Reservations
  • Banana Leaf – Accepting Reservations
  • Baru Latino – Accepting Reservations
  • Bistro Pastis – Accepting Reservations
  • Boathouse – Accepting Reservations
  • Darby’s Neighbourhood Pub – Accepting Reservations
  • db Bistro Moderne – Accepting Reservations
  • Flying Tiger (The) – Accepting Reservations
  • Gramercy Grill – Accepting Reservations
  • Hapa Izakaya – Accepting Reservations
  • Kerkis Greek Taverna – Accepting Reservations
  • Kitsilano Daily Kitchen – Accepting Reservations
  • Las Margaritas – Accepting Reservations
  • Maenam – Accepting Reservations
  • Maurya Indian Cuisine – Accepting Reservations
  • MIGZ BBQ – Accepting Reservations
  • Milestones Grill + Bar – Accepting Reservations
  • Mistral French Bistro – Accepting Reservations
  • Octopus’ Garden – Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served
  • Q4 Ristorante – Accepting Reservations
  • Refuel Restaurant & Bar – Accepting Reservations
  • Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co – Accepting Reservations
  • Smoking Dog (The) – Accepting Reservations
  • Szechuan Chongqing seafood restaurant – Accepting Reservations
  • Tomato Fresh Food Cafe – Accepting Reservations
  • Trafalgars Bistro – Accepting Reservations
  • Trattoria Italian Kitchen – Reservations not accepted, 1st Come 1st Served

Last modified: January 29, 2011

3 Responses to " Dine Out Vancouver 2011 – Kitsilano Edition "

  1. Shaun says:

    I’ve been very hesitant to try out any new restaurants since Dine Out Vancouver and various foodie blogs made it so abundantly clear that diners with children weren’t welcome. I’d like to support local restaurants but it would seem they’re doing so well they can exclude anyone with kid from their customer list – too bad!

  2. Cathy says:

    Shaun – I read the blogs and have participated in Dine Out for several years and have not seen any overt discrimination towards people dining with children. I do however think there needs to be the qualification about dining with children who are well behaved, sit relatively still, do not disrupt the other patrons and/or aren’t distributing the food all over the chairs and floor. Clearly there are a lot of Dine Out restaurants that are not suitable for small children simply by virtue of the menu and environment (Market by Jean George, West, Cru etc.) but I can see no reason why you couldn’t bring any older well behaved child with a refined palate to any of the restaurant options, just don’t expect a children’s menu and a bucket of crayons. They don’t ask for peoples age when you book a reservation! Places in the $18 category like Migz, The Old Spaghetti Factory and Rocky Mountain Flatbread are perfect for children of all ages in my opinion. Go for it and enjoy Dine Out, just don’t subject us to brats!

  3. Michael says:

    Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co, give you best bang for your buck.

    For $18, you can choose an appy (Daily soup, Bruscetta or any of the 4 salads from the menu), an entree (Any vegetarian pasta or any pizza from the menu) and a dessert (one of 2 from the menu or the special).

    Lots of choices, great food and service.