Fifth Avenue Movie Review: Black Swan


With the Oscar’s just over a month away I’ve started my movie watching marathon to view, review and select my guesses for who will take home the trophies this February. It really is the best time for film buffs to settle in to their theatre seats as there is no shortage of 4-star flicks to enjoy.

First on my list was Black Swan. A friend of mine saw the movie a few days before I and when I asked her how it was she paused, and responded, ” it is the type of movie that you are happy you went to watch, but you would never want to see again.” She was dead on.

Natalie Portman is casted perfectly and transforms into the obsessive ballerina who is vying for the lead position in the New York Ballet’s reproduction of Black Swan. The movie turns psychotic thriller/horror style at about the half way point which became evident when the woman next to us shrieked and launched her popcorn into the air during one particular scene. At that point I was watching the movie through the peepholes my fingers created while hiding my eyes.

You’re disturbed, awed, confused until the last plie. If you are looking for a feel good movie about the beauty of ballet, this is very much not it. But I say hold on tight to your popcorn and enjoy the messed up ride that is Black Swan.

Here’s when you can check out Black Swan and the other films at Fifth Avenue this weekend:

  • True Grit – 1:20, 3:45, 7:10, 9:35
  • Black Swan 1:10, 2:00, 4:00, 4:40, 7:00, 7:20, 9:20, 9:45
  • The Fighter – 1:45, 4:30, 7:15, 9:40
  • Made in Dagenham – 1:30, 4:15, 6:50, 9:10
  • Last modified: January 13, 2011

    2 Responses to " Fifth Avenue Movie Review: Black Swan "

    1. Cathy says:

      I think your review (as well as your friends) is spot on. I saw it yesterday although I find myelf still thinking about it today, which rarely happens with me and movies. I can definately say that Natalie Portman deserves the accolades that come her way. Not a feel good movie by any means.