Bye Bye Book Warehouse – Hello Ed Hardy?


Did rent increase last month for retailers along the popular West 4th shopping district? Perhaps it was the lack of visitors to Kits during the Olympics that caused businesses to suffer, but the turnover this summer has been rapid. Here are just some of the closed doors and new neighbours of note on West 4th:

Book Warehouse – Sadly they are gone! Reading enthusiasts not to worry. This location is the new home of Sitka Books and Art – led by an former manager of Duthies who closed their doors earlier this year. This is the second “sitka” brand to join W4th as Sitka Surfboards is located just a block east of the new book store which also uses an almost exact same sitka spruce image in their posters.

Mintage – This popular vintage clothing store on Commercial Drive tried to have the same success on W4th by opening up next to the popular restaurant Re-Fuel….but Kitsers weren’t as into second hand clothing and throw back apparel. They closed a few months ago.

Pinky’s – As reported earlier on Pinky’s wasn’t having much love aside from their 50% off Monday’s that caused foodies to cue up for their discounted steaks. It was replaced earlier this month by Romer’s Burger Bar. So far reviews are good – but they have some tough competition directly next door with the popular “quick food” option The Noodle Box.

Some other notable changes along the strip:

That video game exchange store, Play and Trade opened a franchise at the base of 4th and Cypress and gamers weren’t game. It quickly shut down. Hair salon Helmet is moving out of its location next to Spank clothing and is now Combat Athletics. It appears from my investigations (read: peering into their windows – really intense journalism!) that this store is hoping MMA (mixed martial arts) enthusiasts will come in droves to buy boxing gloves, and T-shirts with dragons and flames on them. I’m just hoping this doesn’t mean I’m going to have to pass a bunch of Ed Hardy wearing muscle men practicing their roundhouse kicks on my way to get my nightly fro-yo fix from Scoops!

Last modified: July 29, 2010

5 Responses to " Bye Bye Book Warehouse – Hello Ed Hardy? "

  1. Idrinkyourmilkshake says:

    Fro-yo! hahaha

  2. Steve says:

    This city and Kits is over-retailed. Many small stores held on over an lousy Christmas season thinking the Olympics would bring shoppers out in droves. Of course, the big ‘O’ couldn’t beat the recession and the fact that we’re all realizing we have too much useless crap already. Who needs more?

  3. northofbroadway says:

    Romer’s was excellent. Nice decor, great burgers. Share a basket of fries and dinner is $20.

    I wish more places like Noodle Box popped up. Decent s.e. asian food (it really isn’t that great) + Loud fun music + Counter service + Modern decor = Busy all the time and me continually going back. People obviously love counter service. Nando’s is busy all the time as well. I think a hip new tex mex counter service place would do well as well.

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