Pinnacle Living on Broadway to include a Daycare


Last year we wrote about the planned development for the West Broadway lot that is home to the Liquor Store, IGA, and at the time David Hunter Garden Centers.

The City of Vancouver’s development application site revealed that Pinnacle International wanted to build another mixed-use high-rise. Not at all a surprising in and of itself of course, but what was interesting was that the plans only pertained to the space occupied by the parking lot and the Garden Centre. The application very explicitly mentions that the plans do not include the space occupied by the IGA and Liquor Store.

Of course, it is almost inconceivable that these two stores would remain if they are building a high rise right in front of it. The stores would be inaccessible for one, and parking, which is already a nightmare at certain times of the day, would be non-existent.

Well, it looks like Pinnacle International is one step closer to making Pinnacle Living on Broadway a reality. Earlier this month they applied for rezoning of the lot to mixed use development.

The application proposes a change in zoning from M-1 (Industrial) to CD-1. Proposed uses are Residential (125 Dwelling units in 117,165 sq. ft.) and 4,532 sq. ft Daycare Facility with outdoor play area, serving 37 children. The total proposed density is 2.5 FSR (Floor Area @ 117,090.8 sf / Site Area @ 46,866 sf = 2.50); Two buildings are proposed: a 7-storey building with a maximum height of 74.5 feet, and a 6-storey building at approximately 63.5 feet high. A total of 183 parking spaces are proposed, including 162 residential spaces, 13 visitor spaces, 1 car share space (at grade), and 7 daycare spaces (at grade).

I guess the good news is that there will be 37 daycare spots opening up in in 2-3 years to accommodate the closure of the Kitsilano Day Care Society.

Last modified: July 22, 2010

2 Responses to " Pinnacle Living on Broadway to include a Daycare "

  1. Dan says:

    Jeez, this part of West Broadway truly is becoming a series of one bland sh*t-show after another. These developments are awful, and do nothing for the community. It’s the next best thing up from stripmalls.