Easter Services: The Big Screen or A Big Feast


This coming week, as usual, there will be plenty of great options for celebrating Easter in Kits.  If you are interested in a traditional Easter celebration you’re in luck!  Right in the heart of Kits there will be two Easter services guaranteed to give you a great perspective on the holiday.

A Big Feast

If you’re looking for a truly Kitsilano Easter experience it’s hard to beat The Bridge Church.  They meet in the Vancouver Museum in a room with a floor to ceiling view of the mountains and the beach.  As you take in a service at The Bridge, contemplating the awesome view of nature, you’ll remember why you live in Vancouver.  This church is not only remarkable for its views, but for its people.  Rarely have I seen a more welcoming group, and many attendees leave The Bridge services feeling more connected to the Kitsilano community.

The Bridge Church is having two services this year.  They are having a Good Friday Candlelight Service on top of their office building, with a beautiful view of the city (Friday, April 2 @ 7 pm, The Bridge Suite, 106-1033 Haro).  They are also having an Easter Service on Sunday (10:30 am at the Vancouver Museum), followed by a potluck lunch that is open to all.  This Big Feast is put on by the members of The Bridge, and they’ll be providing the food, so no need to bring a dish yourself.  Just come and enjoy!

A Big Screen

If you’ve ever been on Burrard on a Sunday morning you might have wondered, why are so many people going to the movies at 10:30 am?  Well, they are using the big screens, but they’re not watching the latest art films.  The innovative West Side Church uses the movie theatre to hold their services.  In order to accommodate their growing congregation they will even broadcast the speaker to several theatre screens.  The West Side Church’s exciting format, excellent website, stellar organization, and the gourmet coffee have made them a popular spot on Sunday morning.

West Side has a great Easter lineup this year.  They are planning a Thursday night service at their Granville Island Hub (the TheatreSports Venue next to Sammy J Pepper’s) with childcare provided at their offices (1909 West Broadway).  They will also have a Good Friday Service (for details see www.churchonthwestside.com) and a Sunday morning service at both 9:00 am and 10:30 am.  In addition, they will have an exciting beach baptism at 12:45 at Kitsilano Beach.

Which One is for Me?

We’ve provided you with two great options for Easter, but neither option is perfect for everyone.  If you are someone who prefers larger groups with more opportunities, a more established organization, and is comfortable with large organizations, then West Side is for you.  If you prefer smaller groups, a growing organization, and an extremely welcoming environment then The Bridge might better suit you.  Either way, with both churches providing exciting services this Easter, you’re sure to have a great holiday.

Last modified: March 27, 2010

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