Wine for the Weekend … Haitus


So I am going on vacation and there will be a few weeks haitus of the wine column here at Kits. In the mean time, my advice is simple. Talk to your local wine merchant. Sure, some clerks pretend to know stuff and be great when they are clearly anything but, but there is also a passionate bunch out there. Personally, I can recommend Matt, Aron, and Kirk at Kitsilano Wine Cellar. If you are in the neighbourhood, drop by and told one of those three that Shea sent you for a tasty bottle at $X price point. I know they will point you to an excellent bottle (even if you don’t mention my name ;)).

We can sometimes forget to take an adventure with our palate and our expectations. My recommendation over the next few weeks is to take a risk and try a wine that you’ve never heard of, a style you’ve never heard of, and keep an open mind while doing so. Keep and open mind and learn from the experience. See you in a few weeks!

Last modified: March 26, 2010

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