Long Live the Beagle


TheRegalBeagleThe Regal Beagle was just voted as the Best Pub in the 2009 Best of Kits Awards. I thought it was only appropriate to investigate what makes this local favourite so darn popular.

For this post I turned to two of my favourite football playing mates (that’s soccer I suppose here in Canada) who just happen to be regulars of this Broadway and Vine located establishment. Below are some of the answers to the questions I asked these loyal locals:

Q: How often do you frequent the RB?
A: At least once a week after soccer practice, and one to two weekend nights per month with friends.

Q. With so many other pubs on Broadway why do you continue to head to the RB?
A: 1516 on tap. Say no more.

Q. How would you rate the service?
A: Usually good with a nice mix of everyday regular servers as opposed to a cactus club/earls sort of cookie cutter robot.

Q: Besides the 1516, what do you think of the food?
A: The menu had an overhaul last year and has been great since. Nachos are particularly excellent, and HUGE. Cheese is spread throughout the chips, not just on top. Sliders are also top notch and can be ordered into the wee hours of the night which can serve as a life saver!!

Q: What type of person frequents the RB?
A: The people that I usually see in The RB are the ones that aren’t suited for the fancy pants “lounges” of Yaletown but aren’t yet ready to concede defeat and waste away in the darkness of the Grande Union on Hastings. Regal Beaglers are the ones that are coming from soccer practice and are in for a couple cheeky ones before bed or the ones that just finished a Frisbee game at Kits beach.

Q: If you had one beef with the Beagle what would it be?
A: They play each Canucks game and PPV game which is obviously great, but they also make a point to play every Leafs game. Any true blue and green blooded Canucks fan knows that the Leafs, well – they suck.

Last modified: January 6, 2010

6 Responses to " Long Live the Beagle "

  1. PJ says:

    Nice review. I’m definitely going to head to the Beagle next time I finish a Frisbee game at the beach.

  2. Paulie says:

    Love the RB – best bar in Kits.

  3. MT says:

    Thanks so much for that last Q and A ANDREA. 😐

  4. Louis says:

    Awesome review!
    I’m sold.

  5. kitsgirl says:

    Oooooh, the Beagle! I love it there. the food is good, and they carry Growers ciders which is good if your not a beer girl. 🙂 The music there is also perfect for us in our 30’s! All in all, a great place to go anytime!

  6. Louis says:

    I tried it last week.

    It was a bit too early in the evening to judge the atmosphere.

    But the nachos really were spectacular.