Starbucks squeezes out Vancity’s Best Coffee


vbc1Self-crowned, long-time family owned Vancouver’s Best Coffee at the corner of West 4th & Bayswater is calling it quits. As of May 1st, a new ownership group will be renovating the space with “a new cafe with a traditional experience”. Not sure what that means but it would be great for someone to continue giving Starbucks a challenge West of MacDonald on West 4th.

In early 2008, Starbucks moved into the MacFourth neighborhood directly across the street in the Black Swan building – likely the last nail in the coffin for this family-run business.

Thanks to citizen journalist Kevin  P. for snapping this photo and sending it along. If you see any other neighbourhood opening or closing gossip, be sure to send it along.

Last modified: April 24, 2009

One Response to " Starbucks squeezes out Vancity’s Best Coffee "

  1. Lyn says:

    Good! Their coffee was truly terrible; it seems that “Vancouver’s Best _____” is the kiss of death for quality.