Kitsilano Cherry Tree Blossoms


Near West 6th & Arbutus

Near West 6th & Arbutus

That wonderfully sunny day we enjoyed this past weekend finally coaxed the first few cherry trees into bloom.

On a Sunday walk I came across blossoming cherry trees at:

  • 6th and Arbutus, just east of Arbutus Coffee
  • Kits Point, particularly on Greer Ave.
  • Cypress between York and West 1st
  • West 4th at Balsam
Near West 1st & Cypress

Near West 1st & Cypress

I’d headed specifically to West 6th, where the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival brochure notes that blossoms usually appearing in early March. Here we are, almost April, and the cherry blossoms are barely starting.

I’d heard reports that spring was a few weeks behind, but I did not realize just how much. Can anyone suggest some other great spots to find cherry tree blossoms in Kits?

Last modified: March 29, 2024

2 Responses to " Kitsilano Cherry Tree Blossoms "

  1. 8chocolate says:

    One of the best places is at the Burrard skytrain station beside the Hyatt. There are rows of blossoms on either side of the walkway. Always see lots of photographers when the blossoms come out. I hope to check it out on the weekend.

  2. 8chocolate says:

    Sorry hit submit too fast! In Kits, try Yew street at 4th looking north beside the old Coast Mtn sports store.