Spring Soil Street Party


My wife got a jump on spring and ordered a load of soil for our yard and gardens. The thing I failed to hear was HOW MUCH she ordered. 5 yards of the dark steaming soil. I bought a contractor grade wheelbarrow and spent a great weekend spreading it around my yard, but it became instantly clear that we didn’t need all of this.

Neighbors who have done us favors in the past got some and others we sort of knew were given some too. It got people excited about seeding and planting and also got us out of the cold wintery doldrums. Some wanted to buy some, we couldn’t take it. This was too much fun.

I recommend ordering too much dirt if you would love to meet all the green thumbs around your street in Kits, whether you own or rent. One even dropped off a lovely bottle of wine as a thank you. Or, go together and feed on the pile.

Dirt is a reminder that all we have is all we need, and the rest is best shared with others who need it more.

Last modified: February 19, 2009

One Response to " Spring Soil Street Party "

  1. Ken says:

    Beautiful and inspiring!