The Flag Shop Moves


Sometimes my ignorance knows no bounds. For the longest time The Flag Shop (formerly 1755 West 4th @ Burrard) had me more than puzzled. How is it possible that a store that size can survive on flag sales alone? Sure, we’ll buy a Canadian flag one day, if we ever move into a house, but that can’t be enough to even pay one day’s overhead.

Well, the Flag Shop has moved to 1615 Powell Street, and in preparing for this post, I found out what the Flag Shop really does. First and foremost, they sell flags. National flags, provincial flags, international flags, religious flags, marine flags, flag accessories, etc. Their other main offering is custom banners, you know, like the ones that you find on lampposts in every neighbourhood and on every bridge. Well, that makes a lot of sense. No wonder they don’t have to rely on people like us buying a flag once every 20 years.

Last modified: December 22, 2008

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