Tipping Point


Tis the season to tip some of the regulars in one’s lives. The babysitter, the gardener, the newspaper delivery person, the dog walker, your favourite waiter/waitress at your regular breakfast/lunch/diner haunt (for us that would be Helen at White Spot), they all deserve a little something extra this time of year. These tips are well warranted, and go a long way in telling someone that what they do is greatly appreciated.

Tipping that I find a little harder to understand is some of the tip jars you can find in the oddest places. Like in take-out only spots. But the weirdest I have seen to date: a tip jar at the Lola’s Wine Store (2289 West Broadway @ Vine). I puzzled till my puzzler was sore, but I don’t get it. Does one tip if they help you find a wine? But it’s a wine store. It’s what they do. Maybe I’m missing something? Well, they’re open on the 25th and if I do have to go in that day, then, yes, maybe I will tip on that special day.

Any other odd tip jars out there?

Last modified: December 21, 2008

One Response to " Tipping Point "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    Not at all surprised, that wine store isn’t particularly well run, the Staff are uniformed and off putting.