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My parents were visiting last month (remember, check here if you’re looking for places to stay in Kits), and this gave us the rare opportunity to go out for some quiet lunches and dinners.

One place that I had been eying for a long time is Transylvania Flavour (2120 West Broadway @ Arbutus). They moved from Gastown to Kits a little over a year ago, and although they’re just around the corner, we had never made it inside until a couple of weeks ago.

We were there for lunch, so we decided against the awesome looking Knight’s Platter, and opted for Mititei (handmade Transylvanian sausages that reminded me somewhat of the Dutch Frikandel, yum), Perogies, and a pork schnitzel. All three dishes hit the spot beautifully, but the schnitzel really stood out, and will probably have us come back for more (once parents return…).

And make sure to check out the drinks menu as well. Although the wine list is small, they have some nice beers and some spooky looking martinis.

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Last modified: October 14, 2008

5 Responses to " Transylvania Flavour "

  1. shokutsu says:

    Fabulous little find, love the name, will have to check it out after the only other decent schnitzel serving place in Kits (Cafe Katzenjammer) I’ve found, appeared either under renovations or entirely closed for business the last time I walked by.

    Did you happen to ask the server as to how many people that Knight’s Platter could reasonably serve as a meal for?

  2. Erik V. says:

    Hmmm, that’s a good question. Judging by the list I would think 2 very very comfortably (or rather, uncomfortably) and probably 3 quite easily. And if it’s not enough, they have some nice sounding home-made deserts as well.

  3. MoMo says:

    Our wedding anniversary is Halloween. We had our anniversary dinner there last year and it was soooo good, although my mother’s Sauerkraut is better. I recommend this place for huge portions of homestyle food…if your home happens to me from that part of the old world.

  4. goodfood says:

    The Knights Platter is for 2 and it’s beautiful! For this Halloween there is a special promo: a 4 course meal for $33 and it’s all bloody good food 🙂