VinoCamp hits UBC in August


VinoCamp takes place next month at UBC’s Botanical Gardens and it sounds like a great way to celebrate wine and technology. Wine-bloggers unite!

This is definitely not the wine festival. In a more unstructured form than a standard conference, VinoCampVancouver brings wine, people and technology together in one place, making wine accessible, educational and fun. As a different type of conference, VinoCamp is designed for those interested in technology and wine, and people are expected to take photos of what’s happening, and to blog or tweet or message about their experiences.

Join us! Whether you’re speaker, sponsor, or a wine-drinker, our aim is to make this day memorable, fun, and interesting. You will learn more about wine and viticulture, meet interesting people, and enjoy yourself in one of Vancouver’s loveliest gardens.

VinoCampVancouver takes place on Saturday, August 16th and tickets are available for $50 here.

Last modified: July 23, 2008

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