A Carbon Tax that Works in Kitsilano


Since June 2007, Rocky Mountain Flatbread (RMF) on York Avenue has been adding a voluntary 1% charge to diners bills and calling it a “carbon contribution”. I along with almost every other diner has been swallowing the fee happily even though the wait staff are happy to remove it if your disagree.

The menu explains that diners will be offsetting the environmental impact of producing their meal and that all proceeds will go to innovative solutions for climate protection, promotion of renewable energies and energy efficient technologies. Can’t argue with that.

RMF uses the money – $4,000 to date – to offset its own energy use by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates or work with local schools on green campaigns. They’re currently working with Lord Tennyson Elementary – providing classrooms with energy efficient light bulbs and educating students on energy saving choices such as composting.

Smart move by RMF. By adding the carbon contribution to the bill rather than the menu prices, diners are able to make a conscious choice and feel good about it. For those of you that haven’t been to RMF yet – they use 100% organic ingredients and local products, compost all their food waste, and are outfitted with energy-reducing and reclaimed materials. And they’re the most kid-friendly restaurant in all of Kitsilano.

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Last modified: July 15, 2010

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