Kitsilano Streetcar Memories


Stephen Rees of The Green Journal was republished a study on streetcars written by Patrick Condon, a Professor of Landscape Architecture at UBC. If you’re a Kitsilano history buff, it’s worth a read. Here’s a snippet…

The streetcar enters the district of Kitsilano. Construction is everywhere. Carpenters are busy erecting one story commercial structures next to the streetcar line and very similar bungalow buildings on the blocks immediately behind. As he rides further into the district the busy construction sites become less frequent, replaced by still standing forests. The paved road is replaced by one of gravel – the streetcar line, tiesplaced right on the raw gravel, the only improvement. It looks so odd to have a streetcar line serving what appears to be raw wilderness.

Here’s a couple other links you might find of interest on the topic of streetcars:


Last modified: June 7, 2008

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