An Ode to White Spot


I love White Spot. My wife loves White Spot. Our son loves White Spot. And I’m sure the twins will love White Spot.

Growing up in Holland I always knew something was missing. Not until I visited North America did I know what it was: diners. Dutch people don’t go out for breakfast (don’t let the existence of DeDutch fool you, Dutch pancakes are eaten at dinner time, not breakfast). When Dutch people want to have a hamburger, they go to McDonald’s or Burger King. If a Dutch restaurant would offer “endless fries” the restaurant would go out of business. Diners are just not part of our culture.

White Spot lives and breathes that culture. From burgers, to milkshakes, to the awesome carhops.

And I love White Spot for the fact that on Sunday morning you end up having breakfast with the whole neighbourhood: families, cops, young couples, big groups of friends, seniors, kids and their parents before practice, you name it.

Sure, you have to be careful navigating through White Spot’s menu. There certainly are some misses on it. But you really can’t go wrong with the BC Sunny Start, Nat’s Hearty Breakfast, the White Spot Club, the BC Chicken Burger, and of course, the Legendary.

Yes, I love White Spot.

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Last modified: May 30, 2008

One Response to " An Ode to White Spot "

  1. I love White Spot too!

    The Monty Mushroom is an absolute must!