Adopt-a-Can at Yew & York


The Vancouver Sun has a story today about a Kits resident’s initiative to place a garbage can outside the Rogers Video outlet on York @ Yew.

Pat Freiboth was walking home from work along her favourite street in Vancouver when she got fed up with stepping over the litter that lined the corner of Yew and York in Kitsilano. […]
[She] purchased a family-sized garbage can [and] printed a sign to let people know they can put their trash in the can instead of dropping it on the ground.

In the two weeks that the garbage can has been there, Pat has had to empty it three times already, clearly demonstrating the need for it in that location. She is now looking for a corporate sponsor that will help her place more of these Adopt-a-Cans around Vancouver.

Last modified: April 30, 2008

5 Responses to " Adopt-a-Can at Yew & York "

  1. StanTheMan says:

    Starbucks should be sponsoring these garbage cans city-wide – it’s their cups that account for the most garbage in Vancouver!

  2. darren says:

    I am frequently walk past that intersection (and have for years) and all I have to say…GREAT idea!

    Aside from causing people to stop and look (I’ve even seen some take pictures with the can itself!), it’s made quite a noticeable difference and no longer do my dog and I have to dodge Starbucks cups (I agree Stan), chip bags or take-out food containers. I’m sure Sunset Grill and Rogers are happy too.

  3. This is not to be taken as a defense of Starbucks MickyD’s and do I dare, some dog owners.

    I don’t recall seeing a label on the packaging that reads: “No Worries! When finished, drop the used cup anywhere you like. It’s all good. Someone else will pick up after you.”

    The question remains –

    Will there be time in our beautiful city when people who choose to drop their garbage on the street take ownership of their social responsibility?

    I’m just sayin……

  4. Peter Edwards says:

    Pat — trying to reach you! Peter E, Denver

  5. Mia Johnson says:

    Is it my imagination or have there been fewer garbage cans on the city streets since the last garbage strike? I’ve been wondering since then where all the public cans went. Sometimes even in Kitsilano I have to walk several blocks to spot one, usually at a bus stop. And unfortunately Starbucks keeps their cans inside the store (they’re often hard to find even in the store)