Three Takes on BPA in Baby Bottles


HipBabyAs Rob mentioned a couple of weeks ago, local baby store HipBaby was quick to respond to the pending announcement from Health Canada that BPA will be banned in baby products. They are now a BPA free store. Kudos to them!

Quite different is the response over at TJ’s (4th & MacDonald, among a few other locations). They actually put all their Avent stuff on sale, and make it abundantly clear that all sales are final. Many of these products contain BPA. I might be too cynical, but to me it looks like they are trying to lure the uninformed into buying their stock. Not the right way to respond to a possible BPA ban if you ask me.

[UPDATE: I left a message with TJ’s and they responded that all Avent products containing BPA have been de-activated for sale on the website and will be removed off the site shortly. Thank goodness for that.]

And then there is London Drugs. Like HipBaby, they too removed all baby products containing BPA. What’s more, after reading about it over at Buzz Bishop‘s blog (who now has a whole slew of posts on the issue), we followed his advice and returned all our Avent bottles to London Drugs for a $60 credit. No questions asked. Now that is a classy way to respond to this issue.

Last modified: April 29, 2008

7 Responses to " Three Takes on BPA in Baby Bottles "

  1. bz says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about LD. As for TJ’s. has anyone called them on this bullshit?

    Absolutely embarassing.

  2. I don’t want to be too pushy but you may want to know that Crocodile has tried to sell European glass baby bottles for at least 9 years but up until last year nobody wanted them.
    When we saw the SF Chronicle article in Nov 2006, we went after Born Free and finally grabbed the president of that company in May 2007 when he was at a trade show here in Vancouver. We took all of his stock and kept making orders since then to satisfy our clients. Then the Vancouver news media caught on and everybody jumped on the bandwagon.
    So, good for hip baby to (belatedly) jump on the the BPA-free thing and good for the window display. I just wanted to be clear who is at the cutting edge on this subject.
    Gerry Lewarne, Owner, Crocodile Baby Store

  3. Erik says:

    Gerry, noted and acknowledged. We are loyal Crocodile customers and know first hand that you have carried BPA free products for a long time.

  4. me says:


    You may be on the cutting edge, but you’re also OBESELY expensive. Hence, I bought my Mountain Buggy, Baby Bjorn and Dwell sheets in Bellingham when your staff was both rude and reluctant to realize the exchange rate was favourable to cross border shopping.

  5. Erik says:


    I assume you reported your purchases at the border?

    If you’re going to complain about prices you have to compare apples with apples, and you’ll find that Crocodile’s prices are often on par with or actually lower than many competitors.

    Your complaint seems to be about prices in Canada in general, not at one particular store.