On Tap Today: Browns Social House


Not too long ago there was a late-night haunt on 4th Avenue called the Vineyard. The place had uneven floors, the paint on the walls was so old it probably had lead in it, and the food was decent. But it was open LATE, as in well after the bars closed, and it had good drink and food specials for those late night visits. In 2006 the Vineyard closed down and soon after Browns Social House opened up for business in the same corner of West 4th and Vine St. I recently visited Brown’s for their Monday special $3.75 Social Lager Pints and $7 Thin Crust Pizza.

The first thing I noticed in Browns is the updated look; it is contemporary without feeling too much like a cookie-cutter Earl’s or Cactus Club. The central island bar lets you know that this place is more a lounge than restaurant. The booths allow for some privacy while still giving the feeling of being in a vibrant location. Several large TVs and projection screen are great for watching golf now that the Canucks are out for the season.

The menu is diverse for a lounge-type establishment and the drink selection is great, martinis are $2 off on Fridays and Saturdays making for a decent deal that I have taken advantage of several times. I ordered the Sicilian Thin Crust Pizza this Monday night. I enjoy pizza, to be more specific, I really enjoy gourmet pizza at fine restaurants—I will order a gourmet pizza at any restaurant given the opportunity.

When my order arrived, in less than 10 minutes no less, I was expecting nothing more than a stylized Panago pie. However, what arrived was a well presented pie with a very thin but soft crust and just the perfect amount of toppings. I thoroughly enjoyed how the crust was thin but not crunchy; the prosciutto was crisp on the edges complementing the texture of the rest of the toppings. At $7 this was the most enjoyable gourmet pizza I have ever enjoyed, top it off with a $3.75 pint of lager– most likely just Winchester but I’ll let that slide—and you have yourself a winner in Kits. The serving size was enough for one person but add a couple appies such as their edamame and “wicked mushrooms” and you have a great share meal with a friend.

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Last modified: April 7, 2008

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