The End of Feenie’s Weenie


hotdog and friesThis just in from Urban Diner on the Feenie’s Watch:

David Sidoo has just given his staff at Feenie’s notice. The restaurant will be closing on March 20th for a 3 month renovation.

You can be sure that this renovation will include a name change. Feenie’s Weenie will have to make way for Mackay’s Superfries.

[UPDATE: Make that the db Burger [pdf]. The Sidoos have struck a deal with celebrity chef Daniel Boulud, to open a second DB Bistro Moderne (the first one is in New York). UD puts it this way: “[they] have traded their Mercedes for a Rolls.”

Is it me, or is it weird to have two places with Moderne” in the name in the same block?]

Photo by iwantamonkey

Last modified: March 10, 2008

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