Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile


chip.jpgchip.jpgLong-time Kits resident and Lululemon founder Chip Wilson announced yesterday an annual fund-raising initiative for BC Children’s Hospital. Wilson will stage the first annual “Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile”, an uphill one-mile run on West 10th Avenue, from Alma to Blanca St. on Friday, June 20th.

I see this as an annual event and legacy to provide financial support for the amazing work that BC Children’s Hospital does every minute of every day, Vancouver and this province have been very good to me and the time has come for me to start paying back.

I have also experienced first-hand the brilliant work of the hospital when one of my own children faced a health challenge and decided this was the organization I wanted to support on an ongoing basis. So the memorial mile run idea was born with a goal of raising $1.5 million over the first three years and many more millions of dollars down the road.

The race is a straight dash for a mile uphill and competitive runners will be after the $20,000 prize at the finishing tape for the fastest, man or woman. Women will get an approximate 31 second head start from their male counterparts. There will be an after-race party with entertainment and carnival rides for kids.

Last modified: February 14, 2008

3 Responses to " Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile "

  1. christine says:

    Oh my God, I can feel my stomach turning just thinking about this.

  2. Nancy Pie says:

    i think the women need at least one minute head start, don’t ya think??? hope to see my powerhouse friend cynthia s. at the race. she’ll kick butt, she runs like fire.