Sophie’s Kitchen


Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is closed for a few weeks while they are doing major renovations to their kitchen. They are set to re-open on December 1st.

Here’s to hoping that they will not only update their kitchen but also their cuisine. Then maybe locals will return.

Last modified: June 2, 2008

3 Responses to " Sophie’s Kitchen "

  1. Andrew E says:

    Agreed. I’ve always found Sophie’s over-priced for the same brunch food you could get anywhere. Are people willing to pay more just because there’s a line-up?

  2. Erik says:

    When we first arrived in Kitsilano that is exactly what we did. Sophie’s is in every guidebook, gets favourable reviews on many websites, and has the line-up to ‘validate’ its status. After a few disappointing visits we started heading elsewhere and we’ve never looked back.

  3. SteveO says:

    I gotta agree with Erik – Sophie’s is very average and NEVER worth the line up. The Sunset Grill has way better food and is half the price. And Sophie’s is incredibly dirty.