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Writing about wanting to go out for dinner is one thing, but actually doing so with a fussy one-and-a-half year old is another. The craving won out though, and last week the three of us went to Incendio on Burrard.

It was everything we expected and hoped for. Decent pasta and very good pizza for a reasonable price. Nothing fancy, nothing special, just plain and simple North-American Italian goodness. It hit the spot beautifully.

What impressed us even more than the food was the service. Once we sat down we jokingly told our waiter (Patrick) that we had no idea how long we were able to stay, given our sometimes inexplicably fussy son (who’s generally fine to go out for breakfast and lunch, but come dinner time turns into this whirlwind monster. Must have something to do with the moon). Although it is entirely possible that service is always fast at Incendio, we got the distinct impression they were doing their best to bring out the food as fast as possible and were very attentive in taking away empty plates and surplus cutlery. Our son never had a chance to get bored and was sufficiently entertained by the food and surroundings for us to enjoy a very pleasant meal. We will most certainly return.

Incendio in Vancouver

Last modified: June 2, 2008

2 Responses to " Incendio West "

  1. Andrew E says:

    I am always pleasantly surprised by Incendio. It is a great Italian joint for its price.

  2. darren says:

    Pizza by numbers…it doesn’t get any easier than that. If you’re going to a movie, tell them in advance and you’ll be in and out faster than a burger king drive through.

    Simone gave us excellent service!