Arbutus Corridor Gardens


Over the past few months I have noticed that one of my favourite green spaces in Kits is expanding. When we first arrived in Vancouver we lived in a small studio apartment for a month, right across the Maple and Cypress Community Gardens (6th between Maple and Burrard). Not a bad place to get introduced to Kitsilano.

Two additional blocks along the CPR railway have now also been converted into a community garden. The block farthest east (between Fir and Pine) is a community garden, much like the Maple and Cypress Community Garden, while the block directly east of Burrard will become the Burrard Street Community Orchard.

A document posted in their message board explains some of the history of Pine Street Community Garden:

The Pine Street Community Garden is just over a year old and was initiated as a guerrilla gardening operation by a group of University students. As more people became interested in participating in a community garden, the more organized the project has had to become. We became
a non-profit society in January 2007. Our initial push to do this was to obtain a City water hook up. It also enables the garden to apply for city grants and better ensures the longevity of the gardens into the future.

Availability and waiting list details can all be found on the message board.

Last modified: June 22, 2008

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