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After a slew of new restaurant openings, Kitsilano’s latest foodie addition
is Indishpensable (Arbutus @ 12th). Focusing on fresh, healthy, and local ingredients, Indishpensable currently offers menu items such as BC Free Range Chicken Peri Peri, BC Albacore Tuna Kebobs, AAA Beef Satay Skewers, and Sake Glazed Wild BC Sockeye Salmon. And all of these dishes cost under $24 for two people. The catch?  You have to cook the meal yourself. Indishpensable provides all the ingredients – already chopped and marinated – and easy to follow cooking instructions, allowing you to put a gourmet meal on the table with minimum effort.

Earlier this week my wife and I tried the BC free range tandoori chicken breast with grilled vegetables, mango salsa, and naan bread. After a mere 20 minutes we were feasting on some of the best chicken we have had in a long time. Even though it felt a little bit like cheating, we are overjoyed with Indishpensable. It will allow us to enjoy gourmet, restaurant style food in the comfort of our own home, where we don’t have to worry about disapproving looks because our one-year old decides to rub some mango salsa in his hair.

Also keep an eye on the events calendar. They are currently running a series of summer cooking camps for children and in the faq section they hint to the fact that they will soon start adult cooking demonstrations. They are also planning special theme assembly evenings, including “Single Mingles”, “New Parents”, and “Date Nights”.

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Last modified: June 26, 2008

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