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In his post about the impending bikini contest at Malone’s, Rob mentioned that interested parties could email him to be set up as guest author for Since I don’t look particularly good in a bikini, I decided to act upon the second part of the post.

Although I’m by no means a long time Kitsilano resident – I moved here from the Netherlands a little over two years ago – I feel very much at home here. I like knowing what goes on in my neighbourhood, which is why I started reading

It won’t come as news to many, but I wanted to use this first post to mention that Gravity Pope plans to open a Gravity Pope Tailored Goods in the space left vacant by the late Magic Flute. The website for Edmonton’s Gravity Pope Tailored Goods promises to provide

…a new fashion experience featuring all the brands you know from Gravity
Pope. All the unique, independent and hard to find top European and
North American collections of dress, casual and sport men’s clothing
and women’s clothing are available in our beautiful new location…

Last modified: June 7, 2019

3 Responses to " Gravity Pope Tailored Goods "

  1. John Woods says:

    I was wondering whatever happened to the Kits Esso building ? ….( 2210 Cornwall ) My father and I spent 25 years there serving the public of Kitsilano …. ty…J.

  2. ariane c says:

    Hi Erik,
    I read your missive on and had to do a double take when I saw that you had moved here a little over two years ago from The Netherlands. So DID I! just over two years ago (june 05) – Just thought I’d write and say hi, and I too (with my Dutch husband) live in Kits…groetjes!

  3. Erik says:

    Hi Ariane,
    I guess we beat you here by a full day 🙂
    groetjes terug, Erik