Kits Beach B-ball courts get upgrade


With the Canucks out of contention, Tony Gallagher of the Province turned his attention over to Kits Beach this weekend and covered the grand opening of the new basketball courts.

Once the scene of some of the most raucous civic squabbles between park users and residents, the area is taking on a magnificient appearance as far as the basketball players are concerned, courtesy of a couple of familiar names locally when it comes to hoop.

Now the mecca of outdoor basketball in Canada given the exceptional environment, replete with ocean backdrop and mountain views, the courts have been given a brand new facelift by a couple of guys who used to play there when they were kids and have since had some success in their business endeavours.

The courts have been painted royal blue with three red Maple Leafs adorning the surface Friday afternoon with the basket stantions covered in an expensive marine paint donated by former NBA player and Centennial high school star Lars Hansen. And they haven’t cost the Vancouver taxpayers a dime.

Don’t be dusting off your balls quite yet! The hoops are on lock-down thanks to an agreement between players and residents that calls for play to commence on Victoria Day weekend and end the week after Labour Day, with the rims coming out at 9 pm nightly.

Last modified: May 7, 2007

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