Free Drinks Without Groping


No wonder Kitsilano’s only social club (aka singles bar) is so popular with the older folks – Campoverde has a free drinks & no groping policy. Read it for yourself in their etiquette section:

We ask that you respect personal space. It may seem formal for Vancouver, but we encourage you to shake hands when you meet, or "air kiss" cheek to cheek. Please do not touch women unless you know they are comfortable with that having kind of contact with you. Anyone who persists in making unwanted advances will be politely asked to leave.

Drinks: It is considered polite to buy drinks in rounds. When you get up and go to the bar, please ask others in your group if they would like a drink too.

What’s up with the drink etiquette???  A little presumptuous isn’t it. Unless you’re filthy rich why would you buy drinks for a bunch of random lonely people when you could focus your funds on one honey, skip the "air kissing" and fast forward to groping.

Campoverde’s press makes them it sound like God’s gift to dating – does anyone have any experience here? Talk to us.

Last modified: February 26, 2007

2 Responses to " Free Drinks Without Groping "

  1. Jim says:

    I wonder what the chances are of a bar passing/enforcing a policy like that in a non-Anglo culture such as in Rio, Brazil, or closer to home, Montreal..

  2. Local says:

    The pictures on the bristol board in the window scare me so much that I actually walk on the opposite side of the street when the place is open.