Sand & Beer @ Cornwall & Yew


Now there are two reasons to park in Malone’s parking lot at Cornwall & Yew: grabbing a Starbucks coffee to go and Northern Yew’s newest retail joint, Sand Boutique. Hadani Ditmars of the Globe and Mail highlights Kits newest lifestyle store in today’s globestyle.

Now Sand — an ambitious boutique occupying the art deco building that was once an extension of Malone’s (a beer, burgers and babes kind of emporium) — has moved in. With clothing, books, music and accessories on offer, Sand succeeds at blending into the beachside ‘hood and yet elevating the aesthetic at the same time. The easygoing atmosphere of the place is the creation of former roommates Paul Hughes, 28, and Tyson Villeneuve, 27, who brainstormed the concept over cups of green tea in their living room.

Sand’s use of 1/2 of Malone’s old footprint leads me to believe that Malone’s will be with us for another summer as the current property owners wait for their lease to expire … unless Malone’s decides to start cooking burgers in a temporary in their parking lot again. Hello health code violations.

Last modified: January 27, 2007

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