Fire in the (bagel) hole!


Possibly the worst pun I’ve ever made, but as my friends would assure you, it has some stiff competition.   Anyway, during my gloriously sunny midwinter’s walk today, I passed a very closed Benny’s Bagels on West Broadway at Larch Street.  I’ve never actually been there but I have an endearingly academic friend who raves about it when he’s not talking about anthropology.  Apparently, there was a fire in the oven that I believe occured earlier this month.   Posted in the window was a letter from the health inspector dated January 13, 2007 ordering them to close indefinitely due to unsafe conditions caused by said fire.  Hopefully they get it back up and running in short order. 

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Last modified: June 3, 2008

One Response to " Fire in the (bagel) hole! "

  1. Walrus says:

    …hmm… and the one on UBC campus closed a while back due to some “technical” electricity problems. Although I think it was because business was too slow. I hope the one on Larch opens up again…