Hello and Happy Halloween!


Hello all denizens of Kits! My name is Rich Rock and I am new around here. I was born and raised in Vancouver and have lived pretty much everywhere, settling late last year here in lovely Kitsilano. In fact, I currently reside across the alley from the building my lovely grandmother lived in as a young girl.

Halloween is upon us. For some, Halloween is past us. Last Friday I found myself, the Divine Miss M, Lorne the Lion King, and Miss Sindee Loo-Hoo at DEAD END III – the halloween party at the Snap Gallery (thanks for the ticket Hus). Good times, good beats, and a plethora of awesome/hot costumes, and no shortage of Jager. And I hear the ladies restroom was well stocked with Scotties Little Softies.

Tomorrow, I’ll be handing out candy and assorted other sundries at the Divine Miss M’s parents house up on West 25th and enjoying an ice cold 1516 while the Canucks whale on the Predators. Cheers and see you soon!

Last modified: December 10, 2008

One Response to " Hello and Happy Halloween! "

  1. Megs says:

    It was definitely a great party-hus always throws it together and everyone has a great time