Been slacking in the Halloween department?


I recently wandered into the kids costume shop on West Broadway between Balaclava and Carnarvon.  You know, the one whose sign is a wordless blue neon cloud?  It’s called Just Imagine and it’s not just for kids.  I’ve been in a couple times since and picked up some great accessories for my seemingly endless costume changes.  From Betty Rubble to a gypsy, I’ve now got it down to Miss World for a Friday night dance and Aunt Mae for Saturday’s house party, since the hound is going as Spiderman.  The place is chock full of Halloween goodies and you’ll get no judgment, even if you ask if the long blonde wig you’re holding will fit the head of your grown male friend who is going as a Catholic schoolgirl.   Definitely worth checking out if you’ve waited until the last minute, or even for the finishing touches on your masquerade masterpiece.  Now back to the giant bag of Rockets I forgot I had…

Last modified: December 10, 2008

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