Hippie Daze a little too peaceful


My apologizes to the merchants along West 4th Ave. It turns out the Kitsilano West 4th Avenue Business Association has grown accustomed to the marvelous marketing work that Kimmy, Mikey, and I do to promote local events. Case in point, they forgot to tell anyone about last weekend’s Hippie Daze Festival – I guess they figured we’d keep doing their job for them. According to Jonathan Narvey over at MetroBlogging Vancouver, this year’s Hippie Daze Saturday-long event was a huge disappointment:

Hippies intent on getting their whole peace, love and happiness message out, I have a message for you: your marketing stinks. I’m not really sure who dropped the ball on this one – or did I somehow miss all the promotions? Or maybe, just maybe, hippies aren’t much of a draw anymore. I can’t find anything on the Internet about this event. Does this thing happen every year and I’m just out of touch?

Perhaps the Kitsilano West 4th Business Association and Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce are becoming a little to reliant on Kitsilano.ca’s marketing power. Come on guys, we do this for fun. If you need a hand in the future, just ask.

Last modified: January 17, 2009

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