Jenny Be Bad?


About ten months ago I mentioned a local blogger named Jennifer Good in a short post about one of my favorite blogs The Vancouverite.

She was hard not to notice – good looks, flirty Flickr photos, and a famous husband. About three months ago, Kitsilano.ca started getting all sorts of traffic from Google searches landing their way on to this post. I figured it was just a bunch of looky-loos trying to catch a glimpse of Matthew Good’s wife in her Canucks cheerleader outfit (sorry – no photo).

Intrigued,  I visited Jenny B Good’s website only to find it replaced by a parking page… on to her Flickr photos – account closed, wiped from the Web. My Spidey senses were telling me that Matt either told her to clean up her act or they had gone Splitsville. Well, turns out it was the latter and Matt has purged all memories of her. I have a feeling Mr. Good is better off and we’ll be hearing a wickedly bitter album soon.  Sweet.

Good luck Matt.

Last modified: March 29, 2018

4 Responses to " Jenny Be Bad? "

  1. Bye Jenny says:

    It’s definitely over – check out Matt tossing away his wedding ring. Slut.


  2. shoelover says:

    Shoelover had written about Jenny Good a few months back and then all of a sudden got a bizzare comment on the blog:

    “Ah yes, the fabulous husband…would this be the same fabulous husband who was cheated on and dumped less than a month later? I thought so.

    Smart as a dustbag seems about right.”


  3. ~Jen~ says:

    good riddance to the tick that she is.

    he is better off…if he marries another tart though i will be so disappointed in him.

  4. Suze says:

    I saw her at the Canucks game on Sunday slutting her ass around with her new beau. He looked like a loser. Matt is so much better off.