Not FILA-ing it in Kitsilano


FilaI was strolling West 4th today and noticed a "Closing Sunday" sign on the new Fila store next to Lululemon.  Rewind – I clearly remember saying that this store wouldn’t last 6 months in Kits. I’m not sure how long it has been since opening but I clearly know our neighbourhood.  😉

I figured I’d go in and try to get the scoop on why they were shutting their doors. The short conversation went like this:

Me: So, you’re shutting down for good on Sunday?

Fila Sales Associate: Yup.

Me: That’s too bad – not enough interest in the neighbourhood?

FSA: People around here don’t understand nice clothes. They buy crap like Nike – which is crap.

Based on that exchange, I’m not too surprised Fila didn’t make a go at it in Kits. Idiot. Stick to Robson Street where you can survive off of tourists that can’t believe your prices are in Canadian dollars.

Last modified: July 22, 2006

3 Responses to " Not FILA-ing it in Kitsilano "

  1. I just hope they don’t use that location for another maternity store or Lululemon clone.

  2. ariane c says:

    Or another doggy deli!!! here here : )

  3. James S says:

    Fila has nice clothes? Perhaps if you are a mafioso on leisure time..