Welcome to Khahtsahlanough!


Bcbillboardbridge_1According to the CBC, the Squamish First Nation is going ahead with plans to erect large billboards on reserve land near the Burrard Bridge (and the Lions Gate Bridge and Second Narrows).  The huge signs, measuring 36 feet by 10 feet, will not be subject to the municipal bylaws that govern billboard placement because they’re on reserve land. All because the Band needs the advertising money to replace government funding that has been pulled. What the f*@#?  The Squamish Band is still waiting for environmental approval from Ottawa before it puts up the signs. They better shut this down or I’ll have Mikey climbing the pole nightly with a spraycan and instructions on how to spell K-I-T-S-I-L-A-N-O-.-C-A.

Last modified: July 21, 2006

5 Responses to " Welcome to Khahtsahlanough! "

  1. James S says:

    I’d recommend a boycott of whatever advertiser goes up on there, but I’m guessing it will probably be 1-800-MAN-LINE or something I wouldn’t be using anyway. If it is for Coca-Cola I could probably singlehandedly halve their sales in kits.

  2. Yo James,

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. If this goes through, Kitsilano.ca will organize the boycott.


  3. Rich says:

    Put em up, make some money and screw you Kitsilano!

  4. Oslo says:

    The Squamish owned the land long before rich yuppies of European descent (practically by your own admission in your blog about Kits demographics) started strutting about in Lululemon gear and blogging about the latest in food and fashion because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

  5. Solo says:

    Have another drink Chief!