Arrivederci Adesso


According to the folks over at the new Waiterforum – a great project from Waiterblog’s Andrew Morrison, Adesso has said Arrivederci.

I know that the Adesso owners were always battling neighbours across the street complaining about people on their patio, music, etc…when will people in this city grow up? God you can live above a bistro in Paris or Barcelona with people drinking and eating outside until 4am!!!!! I think it’s all about the residents in the "hood" rather than the location.

And this ain’t no rumour, the folks at City Food have confirmed it:

After operating for only a little more than a year, Luciano Loy and Carol Gadsby have sold their Adesso Bistro on West 1st Ave., and are looking for a new venue somewhere in the area of 41st and Boulevard. They will be taking with them the Adesso Bistro name as well as their talented young chef, Travis Williams.

The new holders of the lease are apparently young guys from Alberta who intend to turn the spot into a pub. That’s of course what they need on that corner, yet another pub, and no doubt they will find much success.

It won’t be easy taking on Malone’s. Not.

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Last modified: November 18, 2008

One Response to " Arrivederci Adesso "

  1. Waiting to Karve says:

    The sign is up and the new owners are hard at work – the new pub is going to be called KARV!