Vera’s Burger Shack is closing shop in Kits


… and opening up again right across the alley in a brand spanking new location formerly occupied by Deserts (The Falafel Oasis?). What’s ironic about this move is that Vera’s current location at 1935 Cornwall was Deserts before they made the same move across the alley a couple of years ago. This is great news with summer fast approaching. Vera’s makes wicked but their current location left a lot to be desired in the hygiene category (the key is not to look down at the floors). It’s tough to get mad at them considering the constant customer traffic they get – no time or room to sweep & mop until they’re closed. I had a sneak preview of their new digs today and they look great – twice the size and three times more seating.

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Last modified: June 9, 2008

One Response to " Vera’s Burger Shack is closing shop in Kits "

  1. Bebby says:

    What I want to know is if the new place will have a gosh darn bathroom! What kind of restaurant doesn’t have a bathroom? It never made any sense to me.