I’ll pass on the churro


ChurroIs it just me or does this picture of a "churro" look disgusting? Over at Metroblogging they’re talking about the forthcoming "churro wars" on West Broadway. I’ve walked by one of these establishments recently and was taken back by the deep fried stench. I thought it smelled like hot garbage. So without giving the place a fair shake, I’ve made up my mind. Won’t be trying any churros. End of discussion.

Last modified: January 11, 2006

3 Responses to " I’ll pass on the churro "

  1. Rob says:

    Funny, I came to the exact same conclusion.

    There’s a Tim Horton’s springing up around there shortly. Can’t see that ending well for the Churry establishments.

  2. Tamara says:

    You’re missing out! I’ve tried the churros from Churrolicious twice now, and they really are delightful. True, these deep-fried beauties are not an everyday indulgence… but I found them better than donuts any day. More surface area = more crunchy. The hot chocolate is really nice too.

    I did scratch my head a bit when I saw another churro establishment opening across the street. I hope it works out for both. It really is unique places like this that help bring people into Kitsilano for a day of eating and shopping, thus supporting all our favorite diverse and independent businesses. Tim Hortons, not so much.

  3. ari says:

    Churros can be pretty delicious. It depends on where you buy them from. It’s all in the oil, I think.