You can’t go wrong with Rangoli take-out


Rangoli_1While I’ve mentioned Vij’s on before, I’ve been meaning to plug its spin-off neighborhood Rangoli for some time. I came across a pro-Rangoli post on Matthew Amster-Burton’s Roots and Grubs and figured it was time to pledge my allegiance to my two favorite restaurants in Vancouver.

Rangoli is Vij’s lovable new kid brother, located right next door to the original at 11th and Granville. I was going to say it’s less hip; actually it’s just as hip but in a different way, less dark and more Euro…  Most amazing of all, nearly everything on the menu is available in frozen or refrigerated takeout pouches, and prices range from about $7 – $10. If you live in Vancouver and you don’t have any Rangoli in your fridge, some kind of culinary secret police should be knocking on your door right now.

Vijs_5Well said. If you’re a single guy out there and want to impress your current ladyfriend. Get your ass over to Rangoli and pick up the Kalonji Chicken Curry and Raw Sugar, Garlic & Garam Masala Beef Curry and you’re half way there. Don’t forget the obligatory cumin rice and naan bread. You simply boil them in the bag, microwave the rice and lightly grill the naan. The meal will taste like it came straight from Vij’s kitchen. And remember to tell her you read about it here!

Rangoli in Vancouver

Last modified: January 9, 2006

4 Responses to " You can’t go wrong with Rangoli take-out "

  1. I am extremely pro-Rangoli, based on that one visit. I think Seattle and Vancouver need to have a chef exchange where you get Armandino Batali for a couple of months and we get Vikram Vij. Maybe make it an annual thing, if they like it. I’m sure Seattle could provide Vij with some sort of Chef’s Mansion.

  2. Rob says:

    Forget chefs – we’ve got tons of ’em. We’ll trade you Vij for a decent brewmaster.

    Vancouver only has one decent brewpub (Steamworks, which sadly is not located in Kits… but then neither is Vij’s). We need more. Preferably in Kits.

  3. We will trade you six brewpubs for Vij’s.