“Best place to sit in a giant planter”


A couple weeks ago the Georgia Straight singled out Caffe Dall’Acqua on Yew Street as the “Best Place to Forget about it all”. I’ve been to Dall’Acqua a couple times – breakfast was acceptable (good coffee) and their pizzas are great (1/2 price larges on Mondays) but I’m not sure why they got a the following Euro-chic call out in the Straight:

Pop down to Yew Street’s Caffe Dall’Acqua for Euro-chic ambiance amid rows of rowdy Kits pubs. This second-floor candlelit patio is serene sophistication hidden between drinking games and pick-up joints, and it can feel, at times, like a breath of Mediterranean Sea air. Dall’Acqua’s live music duo, Tea, plays Thursday evenings, is equal parts sultry and sexy, and goes perfectly with any one (or more) of the Italian-themed martinis: My Cousin Vinnie, Romeo, Juliet, or even Forget About It. This place, from its patio to its perishables, is sharp.

They’re right about the Dall’Acqua patio. If there’s a group of you, grab the giant table around the corner – this thing fits 10 people but it lacks a certain Euro-chic sophistication when you realize you’ve just crawled into a giant converted planter. Let’s just call Caffe Dall’Acqua eclectic.

UPDATE: Caffee Dall’Acqua has been rebranded as Yew York.

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Last modified: May 14, 2008

2 Responses to " “Best place to sit in a giant planter” "

  1. Stephen says:

    This place has been taken over by new owners, and now its even wrose than it was before. The owner says he is from surrey, further showing why they don’t understand kits at all.

    Further to that they have a link to his myspace on their website which is filled with pornstars and drug addicts as his friends, maybe its time to grow up and learn resturanting “neel singh”

    having been there everything inthe reviews I have read is justified, it is indeed the best place to forget. By the way they now call it YEW YORK

    how imaginative, grow up kids, till you kill someone with your bad food

  2. George says:

    Yew York was the biggest eating mistake in my life, I was on the toilet for days.

    Anyone know a good lawyer?

    BEWARE, this place is cursed!