Goodbye Tangerine, Hello Abigail!


Sad news in the Kits restaurant scene – the owners of Tangerine have decided to shut it down and start anew on Main Street. From their goodbye flyer:

Tangerine has a new Habit. Tangerine will be closing its doors after brunch on Sunday, September 11th. After 6 years in Kitsilano we have decided to move forward  with a new challenge – Habit Lounge/Restuarant. Our new venture, is due to open on Main Street in October 2005, and will feature a new menu by Tangerine chef, Greg Armstrong, of fresh, modern food served in a lounge atmosphere. We thank everyone for the support and friendship over the years and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The guys behind Hell’s Kitchen and Nevermind have bought the space and are set to open Abigail’s Party after a week break for renovations. Considering how busy and popular Tangerine was, I can’t imagine them making much more money in this small space… unless, of course they can sell more liquor. And that shouldn’t be a problem for these guys.

See you at Abigail’s on Sunday morning!

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Last modified: June 9, 2008

2 Responses to " Goodbye Tangerine, Hello Abigail! "

  1. Small citrus fruit says:

    Went to Tangerine today – great brunch. They’re opened their new restaurant in October and taking a well-deserved break until then. Thanks again Tangerine!!!

  2. Come to the next waiterblog dinner, you two.