Drive me crazy


I needed to renew the driver’s licence today, so off I went to the Driver Services Centre at 24th and MacDonald. It was approaching 4:30pm (closing time) and I was just about to fork over my $75 after waiting for 25 minutes. I heard a guy come through the door behind me, followed by a ladies voice… "Sir, we’re closed. You’re too late". He was choked. "Its not 4:30 yet man!" he yelled (he was right). Another employee quickly came over, closed the door in the guy’s face and locked it. He was outside banging on the glass and throwing massive f-bombs.  I mean really losing it.  I felt for the guy, he was in the door before 4:30. 

What happened next shocked me.  More than a few employees started laughing out loud in front of at least 15 customers still being served. The guy helping me said, "Can you believe that wacko?" I told him that if it had been me they would have already dialed 9-1-1 due to my tendency to freak out when I know I’m being screwed around.  What a bunch of clowns.  Sorry buddy… better luck next time.

Last modified: August 29, 2005

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