Lululemon in the news for the wrong reasons


Looks likes Lululemon’s owner, Chip Wilson, has got himself in some hot water with some of the comments he made at a recent conference promoting sustainable local economies. In an article in The Tyee, Scott Deveau details Wilson’s provocative comments regarding child labour and garment workers in Asia and Vancouver. Have a look at the dozens of comments following this article – a lot of readers are very unhappy with Chip! I was also surprised to read about the controversial reasoning behind Wilson’s choice of the name ‘Lululemon’ – he thought the trouble Japanese people face pronouncing L’s would work as an extra marketing tool for his product in Japan. I was able to confirm this on Lululemon’s website, where they posted a National Post’s Business Magazine article quoting Wilson saying: “It’s funny to watch them try and say it.” Bad call Chip!

Back when we were single, Lululemon was a mandatory stop when Mikey and I did our Saturday afternoon stroll on 4th – looks like we’ll have to boycott… at least until their summer line is out!

Last modified: April 11, 2008

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